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My Life at Centriq

Students Melinda (Front Left) and Brendan (Front Right) display the range of emotions we've all felt at different times throughout this track. I've often told people that coming through this track and learning code is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. It's also been one of the most rewarding decisions I've ever made.

Jenna (Front Left) is an amazing instructor here at Centriq, one of several I've had the pleasure to get to know while attending. Here she is observing portions of Melea's (Front Middle) personal projects and giving pointers. Clearly Melea is talented, as you can see, Jenna is impressed with Melea's work.

Bree shows the intensity and passion that she has for the Dev World. She is a second generation developer and absolutely loves coding. She isn't afraid to break code or a program because she knows she'll learn more about coding trying to fix it and encourages everyone else to do the same.

Melea is seen here having a quick conversation with Centriq's student recruiter Russ Mondry. Russ' door is always open and he always has a big bright smile on his face!

Tim can be found at the front desk where throughout the day he completes various tasks and assists with student intake and testing, as well as always greeting you by name and a warm and kind smile.

Ashlee is also seen at the front desk. Without Ashlee, I think most would tell you Centriq wouldn't run like the well oiled machine it is. Not only is she involved in Student assistance and testing, she also contributes to Career and Student Services in a major way.

Dayna is seen here in her office, although based on the amount of interaction she has with students and teachers throughout the day, you rarely find her here. She is however, always available to talk, but in most cases you won't have to look for her, as she has already made it a point to say hello and offer to help with any needs a student may have. Dayna goes out of her way to help make sure students are successful during their time at Centriq.

Ahhhh Monday morning check-in. The bright smiles seen here belong to Dayna (Left) and Alex (Right). On display here is the overwhelmingly gracious and enthusiastic support all of us students are accustomed to and it's not hard to tell why. Alex, the Career Coach and Employer Relations Specialist at Centriq, goes above and beyond to assist students in their job search and coordinates and conducts career based classes and seminars designed to help studets find a place in their new careers.

Another display of total enthusiasm can be seen here. Derek is yet another instructor highly regarded inside the walls of Centriq. Derek (Left) loves to help people and is why he is an instructor here on campus. As he'll tell you, he "nerds out" over certain aspects of coding in addition to geniunely "nerding out" when a student gets code to work or figures out errors on their own. Here Derek can be seen going through the functionality of Ben's (Right) application. There is a clear look of happiness for both of men and both are excited at the propspect of Ben's project operating successfully. This is a mere glimpse of the overwhelming support Derek and other instructor provide.

Chris, another brilliant instructor here at Centriq, is seen listening intently to a student's question in c# Fundamentals One. Chris is widely regarded on campus as being an absoute c# wiz, and it is evident in his approach to laying the groundwork for the rest of a student's track at Centriq.