Welcome to my Portfolio

After holding an Executive level position in several industries throughout my career, I made the decision to move into the IT industry after discovering a new passion for coding I was never aware I had until becoming reliant on the IT department at my most recent employer. It took some very careful consideration on my part, in fact it took me several months to make a decision, but finally I decided to join Centriq Training and I resigned from my position as a department head in the hospitality industry. In all my roles in my career, teamwork, team concept, and team environment have been the most important aspects to ensure a successful environment. I am excited for you to look through my portfolio and hope you enjoy the content.

My Mission

The more I learn about coding and developing, the more I learn I have more to learn. All jokes aside, one of my faults is that I bore easily and have yet to really find my groove. With coding there is a limitless amount of syntax, language, or design that can be learned and applied to endless amounts of fields within the developer world. This is quickly becoming my niche, or my groove if you will, and there has not been one moment in learning in this industry that has been boring. I am working hard to become the best developer I can possibly be and when I achieve that goal, I'll find another project to work on, another language to learn, or another app to build. And I'll love every second of it.

My Vission

Much like in my private life, I like things neat, clean, and simple. I aim to create databases, web applications, or anything else necessary in a clean and concise way. Something that is easy to interpret and navigate. Something that says "Modern" but isn't pretentious. You know, CLEAN.

My Skills

Full Stack Track

75% Complete

Front End/HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Jquery

75% Complete

Middle Tier/C#

75% Complete

Back End/Data Server, SQL, Linq

70% Complete

More About Me

I grew up in the Kansas City area, on the Kansas side of the state line and have spent most of my life here. I attended Leavenworth High School and several colleges in the area. I have lived in the Atlanta area and on the Carolina coast both for professional and personal reasons. I have no problem with relocation or travel.

A few of my interests include coding, for obvious reasons, reading any article or blog about technology, and keeping with current events both domestically and abroad.

In my spare time I try to take as many photographs as I possible, as I fashion myself as very decent AMATEUERphotographer. I'm also an avid golfer , having played since a young age. This may come as a surprise to you, but I also fancy a good video game.


Kevin W. Starkey

Full-Stack Developer



Solid foundational knowledge of designing and developing full-stack web applications using .NET framework.
Able to review different points of view or ideas and make objective judgements by investigating all possible solutions
to a problem while weighing out the pros and cons of potential outcomes. Able to draw specific conclusions from a
set of general observations of specific facts. Able to clarify the nature of a problem, evaluate alternatives,
propose viable solutions and determine the outcome of the various options.


  • Front End:   HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, CSS3, Responsive/Mobile Web Development, Bootstrap
  • Middle Tier:   Visual Studio, C#, ASP.NET, LINQ, MVC, EF
  • Back End:   ADO.NET, Data, SQL, SSMSE


  • Personal Site: www.kevthedev.net
  • uStore: Created a secure application for managing product data. Application is built to simulate an online store front with a shopping cart. Administrators have the ability to manage product, category and vendor data.
  • Final Project: Created a secure data-driven ASP.NET MVC application from design through deployment for managing the tracking and organization of hardware and software within a company. Administrators have the ability to manage employee, department data and all details relating to assigned hardware and software.


Centriq Training, Leawood, KS
Full-Stack Web Developer Program
Core Competencies:

  • MVC Framework
  • Trouble Shooting & Debugging
  • Source Control
  • EF, SQL, C#, JS, HTML
  • Website Deployment
  • Pair Programming
  • Code Review
  • Professionalism, Teamwork, Problem Solving & Effective Communication


Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Kansas City, MO
Director of Front Office
  • Set occupancy and approval rating records the likes of which the hotel had never seen.
  • Developed, trained, and managed, new and existing employees.
  • Created a training format to assist Supervisors in their leadership with CSR agents.
Orion Management, Kansas City, MO
Food and Beverage Director
  • A complete build- hired all new employees and trained and managed the success of the deli.
  • Created, implemented, and marketed a completely new menu for the course deli.
  • The deli and golf course saw profit increases over 1000% during my time there.
FG Transportation, Kansas City, MO
  • Transported clients to and from KCI, Stadium Complex, Office Parks, and other local attractions.
  • Highly skilled at networking and creating new business.
  • Profits reached into the 600% percentile every quarter.
Replico, Kansas City, MO
Production Supervisor
  • Production facility manager responsible for implemented builds and QA
  • Inventory control specialist tasked with maintaining incoming/outgoing products
  • Consistently produced 10,000 pounds of loaded intermodal shipment every day.
Sports Fan-Attic, Tampa, FL
District Manager/Management Consultant
  • Led a team of managers tasked with opening stores and training employees.
  • Forecasted, purchased, and merchandised items for a nine-store district.
  • Built and implemented a store template that was adopted and utilize throughout the company.